Stephen D. Barling III

Architectural photography in Charlottesville since 2010

Stephen came from Kansas City, Mo. to Charlottesville, Va. in 1985 to attend UVa.

A passionate architecture and interiors photographer, he is also a devoted black and white film photography enthusiast.

He is also a long-time local musician and can be found around town playing in several projects.

Stephen also spent some time writing and photographing for C-Ville as a columnist and staff writer, perhaps most notoriously between 1999-2002 as Cripsy Duck in his weekly music review column "Cripsy's Crawl."

There's more to real estate photography than a wide-angle lens

Anyone with a smart phone can make a photograph nowadays and someone with a decent camera and a little effort can become an acceptable real estate photographer. But there is considerably more to a quality interior photograph than a tripod and a wide-angle lens.

I have studied photography and architecture image-making and have amassed the skills required to make vivid, bright, accurate and (most importantly) appealing photographs that are descriptive, not distracting.

My first job is to accurately capture the space. My second job is to make my client look great in the process.